To the event planner who is passionate about their calling:

Discover how todays event planners ACTUALLY  take their client's vision from concept to creation.


Great events require PROVEN systems and processes so you can know exactly what to work on AND have fun along the way!


You have a heart for hospitality...

and you love seeing a plan come together, but lately, you've been struggling. In fact, if you are willing to be honest, you feel frustrated and overwhelmed. You've taken on more than you can handle and you know you can't keep working this way. You’re overlooking small details and feel like you’re wasting precious time going back and forth with vendors and venues.

You’re an organized person but there are just too many things to keep track of and you’re already at a breaking point with all that you have on your plate. You know you need to hone in your craft and you’ve tried to figure it out on your own 

but you still lack the confidence and the know-how to execute events with excellence, leaving you and your clients disappointed in the outcome.


Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Getting Lost in the Details!




  • Knowing exactly what to do when you sit down to work.
  • Feeling confident having conversations with vendors and venues.
  • Looking like the professional planner you are.
  • Understanding how to manage your personal and professional life well.
  • Being excited about your work because you like it!


It's possible and I can help you make your event planning dreams come true!



Elevate Your Events: The Complete Event Planners Course

From Concept to Creation

Learn the PROVEN systems and processes you need to execute your events with confidence!


By the end of the course you'll have: 


  • An in-depth understanding of every phase of the process to execute an epic event.
  • Increased confidence to negotiate every relationship and contract.
  • A proven system to track your progress.
  • Greater peace and joy throughout the entire process.
  • Satisfaction knowing your clients are amazed by the outcome.


Let's Take a Look at Everything We'll Cover

Module 1: Event Essentials

Everything you need to know before you can start planning any event.

Module 2: Event Management

We'll cover preplanning, selecting vendors and venues, request for proposals, negotiating contracts, budgeting and promotion.

Module 3: Event Elements

From tables, seats, room rentals, audio/visual, food and beverage service and staffing service, we'll cover it all!

Module 4: Event Enhancements

This module is all about the extras! These are tips and tricks you won't find anywhere else. I'll share years of my experience to show you how to enhance your events!

Module 5: Event Design

I'll show you how to create award winning design and take you through my proven process to pull it all together and design an epic event.

Module 6: Event Operations

You can be great at planning an event but struggle with all the operational details. We'll cover the systems and timelines that help ensure no task or detail is forgotten.

Module 7: Bonus Event Tips, Tricks and Tools

I'm going to share with you my software secrets and the very systems I have personally used that have led to my success in the event planning business!

That's not all! Along with your video lessons you'll receive

tools and cheat sheets to use to help you put what you're learning into practice! 

Yes! Let's Get Started!

Hey, friend! I'm Jess...

and I know what it is like to feel overwhelmed in the event planning business. There is so much to learn and so much to can you possibly know where to find the proven systems and best practices to help you hone in your craft?

Look no further! That's why I created Elevate Your Events! I've taken 16 years worth of research and real life experience and brought it all together in a comprehensive, cohesive course so you have everything you'll need at your fingertips!

You don't have to figure this out on your own.

I'm here to help you along the way! Let's get started!

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