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Does This Sound Like You? 

  • You are planning an upcoming event and need expert advice and guidance to ensure its success.
  • You manage your own events in house, but you wish that you had another set of eyes on your event strategy.
  • You are struggling with issues such as budgeting, vendor management, and event logistics and need the support of an experienced event consultant.
  • You are in charge of the overall training of company personnel, but you've never planned an event and wish you could engage an expert to train and mentor your internal event management team.
  • You need a fresh perspective on your venue's operations and event offerings to stay competitive in the market and continue your venue's growth and success.
  • You have a team in place to do the operational work, but you need someone with experience and expertise to optimize resources, expand networks, and mitigate risks.
  • You are traveling to another city to plan an event and want a seasoned planner to partner with you as you navigate a new city and establish a professional network.

It's time for you to work with an experienced event professional who can provide guidance and instruction on executing flawless events that exceed your guests (and your boss') expectations!


When you're in the deep end of planning events, sometimes it's hard to step back and assess how things can be made better.  It’s in times like these when you need someone with experience in working with venues and event planning teams to deliver training, trusted insight, and relevant inspiration to help take your event to the next level.  


Imagine If…

  • You knew how to build well thought-out timelines so that your team and vendors can operate more effectively together.

  • You had the skills to create logical flows and room setups so that your event space is comfortable and provides an outstanding guest experience.

  • You could finally maximize vendor and/or sponsorship potential so that your event is more profitable and draws higher attendance.

  • You could create respectful contract clauses so that all parties are protected.

  • You had tried and true processes for delivering incredible events time after time so that you're not constantly reinventing the wheel.

Whether you need to work through one event or an entire year's worth of programs, I am ready to serve as a professional planning partner to guide you and your team to greatness.


I'm Jess!

I help venues, businesses and organizations deliver excellent service and experience a flawless event.

After 16 years of hospitality and event industry experience and over THOUSANDS of events planned and executed, I am a knowledgeable and trusted resource for any event planning team or venue. 

ENFORMS is the result of my years of experience combined with my desire to help and train anyone seeking to learn more about event planning and execution. At its core, ENFORMS provides education and resources, including expert event consulting to organizations seeking help with: Event Strategy and Budgeting, Event Team Training, Optimizing Event Space Utilization Workflows, and Costs, and Vendor Contract Negotiations and Lasting Partnerships.

Whether it be through a one time call or as an extension of your team, I will share with you practical strategies and time tested systems, essentially giving you the "keys" to the event planning castle.

Let's get started!

How Does it Work?

  • Schedule an Interest Call with me at a time that fits with your schedule.
  • Share your business needs and desires to see if we're a good fit.
  • Decide the consulting package right for you and your particular context.

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Epic events don't just happen. It takes expertise and time tested strategies to take your events to the next level. Don't leave anything to chance. Schedule a complementary Interest Call to find out more.

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